Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Musings from The FedEx Cup Finale

The race for the FedEx Cup is finally over, having culminated in an exciting sudden death finish at THE TOUR Championship at East Lake. I worked the scoring area last week in Atlanta, and as far as work goes, it doesn't get any better for me...ten minutes from my house, a small field and late tee times every day. Compared to the 60+ hours a week I'm used to working, this tournament felt like a vacation!

Congrats to Vijay for not severely injuring himself or botching his scorecard at the Finale. As a result, the Big Fijian collected the $10 million FedEx Cup bonus after cruising around East Lake at 9-over par. Whereas Veej usually doesn't spend an abundance of time scrutinizing his card, last week I made sure we were both excessively thorough in checking his scores. Singh was especially laid-back and friendly in Atlanta...I guess when the pressure's off everyone gets a taste of Vijay's lighter side.

Out of the four guys in the hunt on Sunday afternoon, three (Garcia, Kim and Mickelson) competed in the emotionally draining Ryder Cup the week before. Which player had that week off? Your winner, Camilo "Fresh Legs" Villegas. Several members of the victorious American team admitted to me that their brains were fried, and they couldn't wait to take a break from the game.

I've always known he could flat-out play, but I've become a huge Anthony Kim fan after his Ryder Cup performance and swagger. Other people are adding him to their "new friends" list...after playing together in the third round, Kim and Sergio exchanged cell phone numbers in the scoring area. "I'd better give you my Euro number as well," said Garcia. "I plan on being over there for a while."

Finally, I talked college football with Mickelson and his caddie Bones after play on Saturday afternoon. They were headed over to Athens to take in the Georgia-Alabama game. When I asked Phil what he thought about the Crimson Tide getting seven points, he rolled his eyes. "Absolute tap-in," he offered. The man knows his football.

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Anonymous Bobby said...

I like to think that I too could be laid back and friendly if all I had left to do was play golf once a day for 4 days in order to make another 10M. I'd be very cranky for 40 years pounding as many range balls as he has though, so I guess I'll be content with the bonus sleeve of balls I get for taking advantage of the summer special green fees out here in the desert....not that I've been able to do that too often either...

October 1, 2008 1:25 PM  

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