Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Playoffs Are Here

Last week I was in the scoring trailer at The Barclays in New Jersey. Here are some random musings from the first event of the FedEx Cup Playoffs:

What are the odds that Sergio and Vijay both make long putts on the first extra hole to extend the sudden death playoff? I’ll bet my house against that one happening again. I saw Vijay in the parking lot after his victory and he said to me, “I told you I was the best, bro!” Uh, Veej, have you already forgotten about someone?

Ben Curtis, the laid-back Ohioan who has a clothing deal with the NFL, had a solid T-4 showing, alternating his wardrobe between Jets and Giants outfits. The results? Jets 71-70, Giants 68-68. After his final round, I asked him if he was more inspired by the Giants. Ben said, “I’m a Cleveland fan…period.”

On the Monday after the tournament, some colleagues and I headed east into Queens for the first round of the U.S. Open Tennis Championship. We hung out there with Bubba Watson, who had bought one of those oversized tennis balls and had his caddie Ted get Elena Dementieva’s signature on it (a caddie’s work is never done). I asked him why in the world he was so excited about this Russian’s autograph. “Are you kidding?” he replied. “This girl won the Olympic gold in Beijing! She’s amazing!” He’s telling me this while simultaneously exchanging casual text messages with Tiger Woods, the most famous athlete on the planet. It’s interesting just what impresses certain people.

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